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Electrocution is one of the most devastating ways to lose a loved one. A wrongful death resulting
from electrocution can leave a family feeling lost, grief-stricken and worried about their
finances. At the Law Offices of Adam Setra, we are dedicated to helping injured people and the
family members of wrongful death victims in El Paso, Texas.
If you lost a loved one to electrocution, or you were seriously injured in an electrical accident,
contact Adam Setra for assistance. Our experienced team can manage the legal aspects of your
loss while you focus on remembering your family member or recovering from your injury. Our
law firm operates on a contingency basis in all personal injury cases.
This means there are no attorney fees unless we make a recovery or settlement on your behalf.
Even better, we offer a free initial consultation and free case evaluation with no attorney fees
unless your case is won. It is your injury claim - shouldn't it be your recovery?
You don't pay anything unless you win! We only charge a 30% contingency fee in order to help
you keep more of the money you win in your settlement. Schedule your FREE consultation
today. Contact us online or call (915) 845-9000.

Electrical Burn Injury Attorney

Electrocution, and electrical injuries, including electrical burns, can happen in a variety of
settings, including commercial businesses, construction sites, and industrial environments.

  • Electrical accidents are often the result of:
  • Inadequate warnings on power lines and tools
  • Improperly installed electrical lines
  • Dangerous electrical panels and equipment
  • Inadequate training of electricians
  • Exposed wiring

If your loved one was electrocuted on a construction or industrial site where the electricity
should have been turned off, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible to
help you recover damages for your terrible loss. If you have been injured in an accident, schedule
a consultation and discuss your rights with an experienced El Paso personal injury lawyer.
Contact us at the Law Offices of Adam Setra online or call our El Paso electrocution injury
attorney at (915) 845-9000 for a consultation.

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