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Vehicle Rollovers

Rollover crash accidents are complex events, influenced by the design of the vehicle involved
and by driver and road characteristics. All vehicles can roll over and all types of vehicles roll
over given certain conditions. SUVs have the highest number of rollovers per 100 crashes, but
due to the higher numbers of passenger cars on the road, nearly half of all rollovers which occur
involve passenger cars.

Auto Accidents

Auto accidents comprise a significant portion of all personal injury and wrongful death claims
and the issues involved can be extremely complex. We are knowledgeable about laws regarding
auto accidents, insurance issues and the requirements for the full recovery for your losses. We
understand the difference between a quick settlement and complete compensation.

Victims of auto accidents are generally entitled to compensation for damage to their vehicle as
well as past and future medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and permanent injuries. We
help clients receive all the compensation they deserve and all the support they need as they deal
with the difficult process of recovery from injury and loss as well at the legal issues involved.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are legal motor vehicles; the drivers and passengers of motorcycles have the same
legal rights as those in other vehicles. Unfortunately, drivers and passengers on motorcycles
usually incur much more serious injuries due to the lack of protection. We can promptly
investigate and determine the amount of insurance of the person who caused the crash. Our
lawyers have experience and can fight for the highest possible recovery for you.

Truck Accidents

We have the knowledge that you need in an attorney in order to make sure your case is handled
properly and successfully. 18 wheeler and trucking accidents can have serious injuries or death,
insurance issues, and government regulations that are unique and deserve specialized attention.

Railroad Accidents

A railroad accident involving a vehicle or a pedestrian can be devastating. A moving train has an
enormous of momentum due to its sheer weight. A train traveling at normal speed cannot make a
stop prior to one third of a mile. The impact of a train with another train or another vehicle can
cause devastating injuries and even death. When a railroad or train accident does occur, there are
laws in the state of Texas that govern whether or not the railroad carrier is liable for injuries
and/or damages.

Many factors determine if the railroad company was at fault or could have done something to
prevent the accident. Furthermore, if the railroad carrier is at fault there are even more factors to
consider to determine the extent of liability. Every railroad accident must be reported to the
Federal Railroad Administration.

Wrongful Death

When the negligence of others causes the death of a loved one, it also causes grief, suffering,
medical expenses, loss of income, and a shattered life for those left behind. A wrongful death
claim alleges that the deceased person was killed because of the defendant's negligence, and the
surviving dependents or beneficiaries are entitled to monetary compensation because of the
defendants conduct.

Those who can pursue a wrongful death claim are spouses, children (with a court-approved
guardian), and parents. Some states allow grandparents, legal dependents and members of the
extended family to file a claim, too. However, a family member cannot sue another member of
the family for wrongful death. If you have been injured in an accident, schedule a consultation
and discuss your rights with an experienced El Paso personal injury lawyer.

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